Optimize Your Ads to Increase Revenue..


Analysis of best ad spot on your website:

Generate a weekly heat map for your website to get the best eye-catcher position of your website so that the placement of the ads are so placed, to get maximum impressions and click. Make sure that not a single visitor miss out any ad. Also generate the heat map for your mobile phone and capture the finger tapping spots of your visitors.


Channel analysis using your visitors analytics:

Read your crowd and their browser to set the best ad channel for your publisher account. After setting the channel, read the visitors response rate on the particular channel and figure out the best ad channel to be run on your website.

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Analysis of best ad size on your website:

Ad size matter a lot on the increase of CTR. Analyse the perfect size for the ads to be displayed. And find the best spots above the fold. As above the fold ads performs much better than the ads below the fold.

Traffic locations:

Adsense performance also depends on the traffic location. According to Adsense Algorithm, it pays with CPC model if the website gets more traffic from search engine than from direct traffic source. Adsense algorithm also depends on the location from where your traffic enters to your website. Help yourself to get the best audiences from the best countries so that your revenues grows higher than what it is now, and leave with no excuse to complain about low CPC despite having millions of impressions per month.

Section targeting: Making ads more relevant

Adsense is a contextual ad network that works based on the content of your page, and this includes your header and footer. So ads shown via Adsense must be highly relevant to the context of your article. Adsense section targeting is a quick technique to add two lines of code before and after the content, thus targeting your ad to the content. Apply the Adsense Section Targeting as per the content of your website.

Image or Text Ads:

One of the myths of AdSense is that image ads work better. By blocking an ad type or ad category, you decrease the competition on your ad, and this also decreases the CPM of your ads. Our experts prefer to use both ad types.

Adsense Blacklist URL’s:

There are many advertisers which pay very little per click. There used to be a site showing the Adsense ad “black list”, compile a list of sites with very poor performance, and block that advertiser’s URL. It improves the revenue by 10%. You can also block your competitor’s ads from displaying on your site.

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Adsense Category Blocking:

Finds the list of categories of ads that are performing poorly and quickly block those categories. These categories have a good percentage of impression but a very low earnings percentage. You should not keep these types of ads because of low returns.

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